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Meet Eric Schneider Managing Director at AlphaRoot!

AlphaRoot is a full service insurance brokerage that focuses exclusively in the cannabis, hemp and CBD space. They work with companies across the entire supply chain, from seed to sale, as well as, ancillary providers. AlphaRoot takes pride in providing solutions that are calibrated for cannabis companies. Their team is heavily invested in cannabis and their goal is to help operators scale to propel the industry forward! 

What AlphaRoot has been involved with recently:

  • Baldwin Risk Partners (BRP) Acquired AlphaRoot
  • AlphaRoot Launches Management Liability Insurance Program for Private Operators
  • Preferred Insurance Partner for the NASDAQ
  • Trusted Service Provider of the Canadian Stock Exchange
  • Arcview Strategic Alliance Partnership
  • Market Relationships
  • Claims Handling

We spoke with Eric Schneider about what inspired him to begin providing services for the cannabis industry and how as an insurance company AlphaRoot approaches relationships with passionate cannabis owners.

“My partner, Isaac Bock, and I previously worked at our sister company, Founder Shield, which is a tech enabled insurance brokerage that creates risk management programs for emerging industries and emerging technologies. Cannabis happened to be one of the verticals that we had focused on, but we did not specifically focus on this industry. Isaac and I had the most success with Cannabis accounts and saw there was a tremendous need for proper representation in this space. Also, we felt it was important to take a proactive role and educate our carrier partners that were looking to get into the space. ” Schneider said.

“We created the AlphaRoot Brand in 2015 to cater to the cannabis community and in 2020 Isaac and I rolled out AlphaRoot a separate entity and built a team to provide solutions to cannabis operators. We take pride in providing solutions that are calibrated to cannabis companies. Our team is heavily invested in cannabis and our goal is to help operators scale to propel the industry forward!”

“One thing to note is that we are a brokerage firm, so our goal in the supply chain of purchasing insurance is to provide access to operators and properly represent them in the market. This is all we do day in and day out thus, we have built the necessary relationships in the insurance market to adequately service our portfolio. In order to get access to an insurance company, you need to be appointed and we have access to any market that is writing cannabis risks for all lines of coverage. We take the time to truly understand our clients business models and take a customized approach to each insurance program. By focusing in this industry specifically, we have gained a lot of knowledge about the cannabis space, which allows to more accurately depict our clients core exposures to carriers.”

“We want to take the approach that we are a cannabis operator who happens to provide insurance solutions. Cannabis operators can feel confident that they are being properly represented into the insurance market and all options are being exhausted when working with AlphaRoot. As I mentioned earlier, our team is heavily invested in cannabis and our goal is to help operators scale to propel the industry forward!” 

For more information, please contact Eric Schneider directly!

646-844-7313 |

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