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Meet Lindsey Morris, Co-Owner of American Cultivation Systems (ACS)

American Cultivation Systems provides specialized turnkey solutions that exceed your expectations for environmentally controlled facilities in the cannabis cultivation industry.  

  • Design: Cultivation facilities are not a one-size fits all build; our experience in the design phase will have you growing safer, faster and mor efficient. Providing you the profitability you desire. 
  • Build: ACS is seasoned in the requirements specific to facilities created for cannabis cultivation with a combined 40+ years experience building to USDA and FDA standards.
  • Construction Management: We value getting you through the construction process without delay providing above standard communication, time and budget management. 

We talked to Lindsey Morris, Co-Owner of ACS, about how they got involved in the cannabis industry and what services they offer to passionate cannabis owners.

“American Cultivation Systems was founded in 2019 by Josh Rogers and Lindsey Morris. A personal family experience made them become aware of the extreme importance of access to quality medical cannabis. Their daughter was diagnosed at four years old with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and sensory processing disorder. As she got older, it became apparent that the pharmaceutical prescriptions were not meeting her needs. Reaching out to other parents, physicians and researching options, they became acutely aware of the positive effects that medical cannabis could have on her life. It has been an amazing, eye-opening journey and her quality of life has been dramatically improved. Josh is a second-generation owner of American Thermal Systems, a leader in the cold storage solutions, design and build industry that has been awarded a multitude of accolades over the past several decades. Through their passion for cannabis reform Josh and Lindsey made the decision to create a company that would solely focus on the specialized design, build and construction management of indoor cultivation faculties. By bringing together their professional experience, resources, talents, and knowledge they have become avid advocates supporting this growing and evolving industry.    

American Cultivation Systems (ACS) is an experienced indoor cultivation facility design and build leader in the cannabis industry. With a combined 40+ years’ experience, the team at ACS continues to set the standard for efficiency and excellence. Our in-house experts utilize state-of-the-art technology, as well as top-level construction techniques and best practices to exceed industry standards. Combining experienced leadership with a network of engineers and architects, we circumvent the unique challenges of building facilities to our customers’ specifications.

ACS approaches the build process with focused efforts centered on serving the unique needs of each client. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach and wide array of expertise to build first-class efficient and cost-effective indoor cultivation facilities. ACS has completed 18 indoor cultivation facilities across nine states and Puerto Rico.

With a mission to provide the highest quality Architectural, Engineering and Construction services to the cannabis industry, ACS focuses on projects that continue to enhance the cannabis market and raise the standard to which facilities are built.

At ACS, we proactively approach design, build and remodel projects with the goal of building client-for-life relationships. As leaders in the indoor cultivation facility industry, we continue to develop new methods, improved practices, and unique solutions so that our clients can remain ahead of industry advancements. ACS is ready to help each of our clients overcome the challenges and demands of the cannabis industry. Our reliable advice, cost effective and practical guidance coupled with unique design capabilities, provide opportunities to customize solutions to meet the nuanced goals of every project we take on” Lindsey Morris.

For more information, please contact Lindsey Morris directly!

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