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Meet Eldon Brown, CEO of Broadleaf

Broadleaf is the essential crop management platform for any serious cannabis business. Broadleaf founders Dave Murray and Marc Talluto were once on the hunt for a single platform meant to fully support a vertically integrated cannabis company’s operations. When they couldn’t find what they were looking for, they joined forces with Eldon Brown to develop an all-encompassing tool unlike anything else available.

We talked to Eldon Brown, CEO of Broadleaf about how they got involved in the cannabis industry and what services they offer to passionate cannabis owners.

“The Broadleaf team is a marriage of the enterprise software space and the cannabis industry. Our co-founders recognized that there was a lack of quality software focused on helping operators optimize their processes and improve their profits. We are on a mission to bring easy-to-use software solutions to cannabis operators. We assembled a team with feet in both worlds to ensure we could bring real solutions to the market quickly.

Broadleaf offers two software platforms for the industry. Our cultivation management solution helps cultivators ensure that their processes are repeatable and consistent. It allows them to plan and execute the day-to-day tasks and keep their team informed every step of the way. By automating the planning of every task from close to harvest, we eliminate paper schedules and slash planning time, giving the team more time to focus on the plants. Broadleaf is a mobile app, and every member of the team has access, update, and close their tasks right from their phone. And because all the cultivation information is stored inside our platform, we can provide historical data and trends to help cultivators get their recipes just right.

Our newest product, Appature ( is a reporting and data analytics platform that integrates with METRC and LeafLink (with many more integrations to come) to automatically generate 120+ reports and comes with multiple dashboards for analyzing cultivation and wholesale data. Using machine learning we are able to identify trends and spot issues before they become a problem. We know many small operators don’t have IT staff or the experience to create the level of reporting that they need to continually improve their bottom line. With Appature, we eliminate the tedious work of building spreadsheets and put powerful analytics in the hands of all operators.

We have built our products hand-in-hand with our customers and partners. We spend time in their operations, in the grow, observing first hand what challenges they face. Our products have been shaped by our customers and we take their feedback and needs and use that to drive our roadmap. We are passionate about cannabis and giving operators solutions to help them improve their operations and become more competitive. Relationships are key and we couldn’t do what we do without passionate partners.” Eldon Brown.

For more information, please contact Eldon Brown directly!

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